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PROTEST KORPE is inspired by quraq körpe, a type of Kazakh quilt. Like a quraq körpe, civic activism and protection of our rights depend on the voices and contributions of each of us. In this work, each square on our "collective quilt" is important to sew a new Kazakh reality.

We want: a fair trial for Asya Tulesova, police that do not resort to violence, and just laws which respect peaceful assembly.

Join us!

Express your solidarity by creating a banner and joining our virtual protest!

1. Customize your protest körpe:

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2. Share your körpe to join the protest:

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#СправедливостьДляАси #JusticeForAsya #ПолицияБезНасилия #МитингЭтоПолезно #ProtestKorpe

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About us

We are Kazakh citizens and friends of Asya Tulesova, who think that the gross injustices happening in Kazakhstan demand our attention, and who believe in the power of collective action to bring about the world we want.

We are open for feedback and collaboration, contact us at

-- Aisha, Kuat, Irina and Jeff